Hyde Park goes Old Fashioned, Funny then Silver and Gold

The Coach and Horses sets over the past 3 nights have been weird but wonderful. On Wednesday we had  " Best in History", which attracted all sorts. DJ Essex pumped out his usual excellent tunes and Host Keira, in her twenties outfit, kept up the fun.

Then, on Thursday we had Funniest Avatar night and a  tourist to the London Sims seemed a little confused !

But then decided to join in !

DJ Madhatter (above,left),in his lobster outfit, was in charge of the tunes!

And we resisted the urge to eat and drink the contestants - tea and biscuits anyone?
Then Friday ..

..was "Best in Gold or Silver" night and everyone looked very sparkly and angelic. DJ Essex played all your favourites and Host Axan kept up the lively atmosphere. So, three very different nights with the Coach at Club 2012, but each one was as enjoyable as the others and a great time was had by everyone there.Tomorrow (Saturday)`s theme is "Best in Rainbow Colours" so we`ll be expecting a very colourful event. Be there from 11am (Second Life Time) to be sure you don`t miss a thing!

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