IT`S NOVEMBER in Hyde Park and the London Sims

November in Hyde Park has kicked off with a bang reminiscent of Guy Fawkes` London shininigans.

     On Thursday we had Best in T-shirts followed by a Come as you are contest. DJ Rave was a star stepping in at the last moment, as a lot of our American staff are having a;lot of trouble getting on line due to Hurricane Sandy.

Then, on Friday we had Best In Black with DJ Bytch which had us turning our volumes up to the max!

 At least we didn`t have the real life police called on us as DJ Bytch (above,right) did last time she DJ`d. She had the sound on her computer turned up so high that she managed to set off the house alarms and had a visit from the cops! Mind you, like a star she carried on DJ ing while they ran a few checks on her- and she said she thought they seemed to be listening along. Oh the trouble Second Life can get us into- but it`s sooooo worth it!

 Then, after Best in Black it was onto the Coach and Horses set with Best in Green. DJ Rave had saved the day again and did a magnificent Irish themed set. We jigged our way through the best of Irish music - and a few of the silliest songs too!

Everyone enjoyed the "craic" and agreed that a regular Irish night should be included in the schedule.

Plans for  the rest of November and December are already being planned and the London Sims is going to be spectacular in its special effects!

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