Monday`s Animals and Tuesday`s Creatures

Monday was unusual in Club 2012 and not because of the strange avatars - we are quite used to them. It was the fact that we had a four- hour theme, albeit split into two different sections for the contest board. The Coach and Horses and Club 2012 staff combined together for a mega "Best in Animals or Animal Print" event. The animal avatars were out, of course, but so were a lot of sexy people in their leopard print and zebra stripes. DJ Pyp was on the decks - at short notice - and she managed to find some excellent and obscure animal themed music as we went along.

London Team Member Cyber poses next to the Guns and Roses poster left over from the Tribute Band  this weekend

I may have got a bit carried away taking pictures, but there were so many of you providing the perfect shot!

Then you would think that Tuesday`s early themes of "Best in Gloves" and "Come as you are" would have provided some sensible outfit choices- right? Noooo - this is Second Life after all. We had Mr Potato Head and a cloven- hoofed devil! The later themes of "Best In Black" and "Best in Industrial" may have had more sensible avatars, but somehow I doubt it. Then again, that`s the magic of virtual worlds. You can be whoever you feel like being, whenever you feel like it.

Today (Wednesday 14th Nov) is the 60th anniversary of the first publication of the music charts. The first charts were published in the New Musical Express on this day in 1952. So the Coach and Horses are celebrating that with a "Best In Fifties" themed event at 11am SLT.
Get those Poodle skirts and Bobby socks out or slick back your hair into an Elvis style quiff and come on down to Club 2012 in Hyde park.

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