Monday`s Tight Squeeze at Club 2012

Until DJ Elle (below) took over for the "Come as you are" event at 1pm and all hell broke loose!

 It was like the flood gates had opened and there was no stopping you all. You poured in to Club 2012 and for a while it looked like we were going to beat that 100 avatar record. In the end we only got as far as 82 of you- which is no mean feat. Even the Big Bad Wolf (below,left) had come out to play, but was under strict instructions not to eat anyone. Luckily the police seemed to be present to keep any trouble makers at bay. I get the feeling, though, that some of you guys wouldn`t have minded being handcuffed by the girl cop!

                                  Club 2012 - You know you want to. Give in to your desires!

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