Valentines Couples Night with DJ Essex at 2012 Club Nov 16

20121116 Arc_02020121116 Arc_04920121116 Arc_04820121116 Arc_04720121116 Arc_04620121116 Arc_045
20121116 Arc_04420121116 Arc_04320121116 Arc_04220121116 Arc_04120121116 Arc_04020121116 Arc_039
20121116 Arc_03820121116 Arc_03720121116 Arc_03620121116 Arc_03520121116 Arc_03420121116 Arc_033
20121116 Arc_03220121116 Arc_03120121116 Arc_03020121116 Arc_02920121116 Arc_02820121116 Arc_027

DJ Essex romanced the floor in 2012 Club. Lots of beautiful couples filled the floor and swayed together to the romantic sounds played by DJ Essex. Romance was thih in the air with requests flowing. Labrat and Bytch were seen in each others' arms, making the most of this beautiful music. Same again next week, DJ Essex with his romantic sounds.

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