Wednesday 50 s night and Best in White - London Sims

 Wednesday`s Coach and Horses Fifties night was to celebrate 60 years of the British music charts. It was on November the 14th in 1952 that the New Musical Express became the first place to publish a regular UK  music chart. The first number one was "Here in my Heart" by Al Martino. I`m sure we all remember that old classic - NOT!

   Anyway,apart from a couple of Poodle skirts, everybody`s interpretation of the fifties was interesting to say the least. Some looked at least a decade or so earlier while Elvis himself seemed to be sporting a pair of flares that were probably from twenty years later. And then when someone turned up stating that we hadn`t specified which 50s and that they had come in 1850s costume the theme seemed to really go out of the window!

The 1850`s line, however, was so good that we had to let him on the board.(Above,centre) 

There were no such problems with Club 2012`s Best in White contest next, though. After all white is white. The only thing that was difficult was squashing you all in. At one point during the second hour there were ninety- one of you there, which led to some crashing issues , but you all kept coming back to listen to the great tunes from DJ Incognito. The atmosphere was addictive too as we all partied together. 

Today (Thursday)`s themes include Best in Leather and Best in Fairies and Elves. So bring it on everyone - lets see what sexy and imaginative avatars you can all be!

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