Saturday Fun at Club 2012 - London Sims

 Saturday in Hyde saw us welcoming a new host to the London Team.

 Daiisy was bright and bubbly and we are sure will be a great addition to our staff. The 2012 Set was Best in Jeans and there were lots of you lovely avatars there. Let`s face it -who hasn`t got at least one pair of jeans in their inventory. Hang on - I`ll rephrase that for the girls- who hasn`t got at least one hundred pairs of jeans in their inventory!

    Madhatter (above and right) kept the tunes coming and even carried on DJ ing for the Coach and Horses Best in Latex set too. We have some real stars in the London Team at the moment-stepping in to help with staffing issues.
Anybody interested in being a DJ or host should contact Debs Regent. For hosting you don`t need experience - just a chatty personality and we`ll train you up.
Don`t forget the fireworks spectacular on Monday in Hyde Park. There are rumours that Big Ben itself is going to be blown up!

Wiccy shows us how latex should be worn!

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