You Can Leave Your Hat On @ Club 2012

 Friday `s first theme at Club 2012 was Bes in Hats, with the Coach and Horses. The DJ was the appropriately named DJ Madhatter and he certainly looked the part of a raving lunatic- see picture above.

   There was a wide variety of hats - not just the usual Cowboy ones plucked from inventories. Host Jas (below,right) kept the crowd entertained and happy.

The atmosphere was electric!

After the hats set was done in was onto Come as you are from the Club 2012 team. DJ Rave unfortunately had internet issues so DJ Madhatter did an hour of the set followed by an hour from "Trouble" himself - DJ Essex. This blogger left at 3pm but the themes following were BDSM and Whips and Chains so it`s probably just as well I didn`t get corrupted by those, and especially that I didn`t get any pics!

  Saturday`s bound to be busy and fun. Events start at 11am  Second Life Time and run for eight hours!

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