"Baby, It`s cold outside" in Hyde

The theme for the Coach and Horses set last night at Club 2012 was "Best in Winter Woolies", and lots of you decided to get your Santa outfits out, too. Cheeky boy DJ Essex was in charge of the tunes.  

Host Jas and DJ Essex work the crowd.

We do have to thank you all for your patience when the board decided to start eating the prize money and we had to pay you all individually for both the  Coach and Club 2012 sets. It was sent into the naughty corner to contemplate it`s actions and consider the impact it had on everyone. Because of its silliness we were a little late starting the Club 2012 set with DJ Pyp, and we reverted to a "Come as you are" theme, which left most people tucked into their winter woolies  and as snug as bugs in rugs!

Mind you considering Hyde Park`s recent snowfall you had to wonder if some of the girls could have done with a warm vest. They looked like they`d catch their death out there! Most of the guys weren`t complaining though, and luckily enough in Second life there`s no such thing as a cold or flu so we can wear anything.

 Events for today in Hyde start at 11am (Second Life Time) with "Best in Stars and Starsigns" from the Coach and Horses. Then at 1pm (SLT) it`s Club 2012`s "Best in Black"  followed by a VAW wrestling event in the park at 3pm (SLT) and finishing up with "Best in Black and Red" from Mayhem at 5pm (SLT).

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