Best outfit of 2012 with the Coach and Horses

The Coach and Horses "Best outfit of 2012" event had your avatars making some interesting choices!

DJ Pyp (above) favoured her alternative elf look, and host Axan (above) was one very cool cat,while Coach host Keira (below) made sure she had her trademark cigarette and (fairy) Manager Jas  spread her wings! 

 The grunge look (above,left) was popular for some,although this girl (above) sported one hell of an Afro!

A brooding Cowboy kept an eye on some of the gorgeous girls in their Party frocks!

 You too can make your mark on Club 2012 this year but you only have the next two days to do it.We are having a whopper of a New Years Eve party tomorrow so come along and celebrate with us- London Style!
          (Starting 11am SLT)

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