Fabulous Furry Friday with the Coach and Horses

Friday`s festivities began with "Best in Furries" from the Coach and Horses at Club 2012 in Hyde Park.

Have you ever found yourself on a Saturday morning trawling the internet for quotes or songs relating to fur?
No? Just me then-you don`t know what you are missing! I drew the line at George Bernard PAW quotes and finally found one!

 "Fur, I am covered in fur,
From my snoot to my spur,
I`m a furry fella 
When you stroke it I purr
When you poke it I grrr"

The Fur Song from Sesame Street 

( In my opinion well worth a look on U tube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkvCZLU1sGI  )

Anyhow, I digress, great fun was had by all out fabulous furry  avatars, who partied and danced to  DJ Madhatter (below,left)`s rocking tunes. Host Axan (above) needed no costume as he is already a fantastic fox, but he seemed to be getting some furry loving!

 Saturday`s events will be a little more manageable to your average avatar. We start at 11am (Second Life Time) with "Best in Boots", which is followed by 3 more two hour sets taking us up to 7pm (SLT):-

Best in Leather from Club 2012 (1 pm SLT)
Best in Neon from Valentines     (3pm SLT)
Best in Shorts and Tanks" from Mayhem (5pm SLT)    

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