Hyde Park goes Green on Tuesday

After the "Best in Childhood Dreams" contest from the Coach and Horses,it was time for "Best in Green".  Maybe  Club 2012 had chosen the theme to be environmentally friendly, or maybe 
 to compensate for the lack of greenery in Hyde Park,due to all the snow. You did have to worry that some of the contestants might catch a chill in their skimpy outfits, though! (above,right)

DJ Pen DK (above,left) looked warmly dressed, though, and the hot  tunes he was pumping out kept as all dancing and warm. 2012`s Manager Debi Palmira (above, left) looked like she was enjoying the great sounds and danced away with us all for the whole event.

Tonight (Wednesday)`s themes are "Best in (Xmas) Stockings", "Best In Red" and Mayhem`s "Sexmas" event(?!?) Everything kicks off at Club 2012 at 11am (Second Life Time)- Be there or be Square!

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