Tonight we celebrated the 66th year of the London and Norway Christmas Tree ceremony which takes places in RL London Trafalgar Square Every December.  Norway presents London with a Christmas tree to thank us for our help during the 2nd World War and to promote friendship between our two nations.  The SL ceremony took place for the 5th year running and Second Norway presented VL London with a fantastic Christmas tree which is now on show in VL London Community Winter Wonderland Sim and can be Viewed outside the London Design Exhibition center at .

The Ceremony was presided over by Wiccy Shackleton (London team), Ey Ren (Second Norway team), and Siggy Boo (London Team),  With speeches delivered by Ey Ren,  and Wiccy Shackleton.    DJ Wiccy kept spinning the Christmas tunes and party hits from 10am SLT till gone 2pm!  a fantastic turnout in this fabulous region, and 500L$ was won in our best in Santa contest by Hexapoda Resident!

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