London inSL 2012 Club with DJ Incognito 20121205

20121205 DJ Incog20121205 Dj Incog_07520121205 Dj Incog_07420121205 Dj Incog_07320121205 Dj Incog_07220121205 Dj Incog_071
20121205 Dj Incog_07020121205 Dj Incog_06920121205 Dj Incog_06820121205 Dj Incog_06720121205 Dj Incog_06620121205 Dj Incog_065
20121205 Dj Incog_06420121205 Dj Incog_06320121205 Dj Incog_06220121205 Dj Incog_06120121205 Dj Incog_06020121205 Dj Incog_059
20121205 Dj Incog_05820121205 Dj Incog_05720121205 Dj Incog_05620121205 Dj Incog_05520121205 Dj Incog_05420121205 Dj Incog_053

DJ Coggy always gets a crowd. Every time he plays, people come to listen and party. Wednesday night at 2012 Club was no different. Over 80 people brought their avatars to the club to take part in the celebrations. Way to go Coggy. Watch this space for more news on Coggy and what is happenign to the 2012 Club in 2013 !

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