NOT the End of the World but nearly the End of Club 2012`s name

Well, it seems those naughty Mayans have been having a laugh, and the end of the world didn`t come yesterday. Personally, though I`m giving them a ten day margin of error up until midnight on New Years Eve!

 However, those astute people amongst you may have spotted that the name Club 2012 is going to be be a bit outdated in ten days time. Amid rumours of Top Secret London Team plans for big changes I thought I`d show you some of the pictures I took of you all at 2012 this year, and some pics of some of the current staff.

                                                       Host Psy (right)
 - Gangnam Style

The London Sims Owner and Manager Debs

                                                                                    ( left and below-on the right)

The young lady below seems to be trying to catch herself a man!

DJ Elle (left and below,left)                  
                                                DJ Bytch (above,right)

Host Axan - Furry Style

DJ Wiccy  (left) shows us how to do cowboy outfits in style!

And DJ Rave (right) shows us his formal side.

DJ Pyp (above,left and right)

DJ Madhatter

Host Jas (below and left)

2012 Manager Debi

DJ Pen Dk

DJ Gary
But don`t worry- after all what`s in a name- entertainment in London`s going from strength to strength and  we still have massive Christmas Parties and a whopper of a New Year`s Eve event to celebrate at Club2012

DJ Essex (above left and right - in his Rocky Horror outfit)

DJ Arc

        Let the London Sims take you to another planet with our fun -filled entertainment and events!

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