Offices and Christmas Parties in the London Sims

 Monday in Hyde Park and everyone was in the the partying mood. It was "Best in Christmas Colours (Red and Green)", first.
Everyone who is anyone was there and popular DJ Essex (below) was in "da house". You won`t like him when he gets angry, though!

 There was 1250L on the board and people were taking the competition very seriously - along with using the chance to give their Christmas outfits an early outing!

Then it was Club 2012`s set which was "Best in Office Wear", and was definitely reminiscent of an office Christmas Party!

Jas (above,right) hosted the event and kept everyone feeling festive and lively. I  did wonder,though,  what kind of offices  DJ Elle (below,right),for instance, might have worked in.She might be one hell of a DJ, but I think her outfit might have raised some eyebrows in conservative offices! 

Then again, maybe some of you guys wouldn`t complain if  some of these girls worked in your offices!

 However,even I was lost when an avatar called David Attenborough came dressed in a spacesuit and swearing that it was his normal office attire though. You`ve gotta love them for trying though!

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