Orange Winged Demons at Club 2012?

Friday at Club 2012- and everyone was out out and about and in the partying mood. First there was "Best in Wings" from the Coach and Horses with DJ Madhatter (left) and Host Keira (above,right).

 The cleverest people had worn orange too so that they could stay and go straight onto the Club 2012 theme, which was "Best in Orange".
     What DJ Arc (left) thought he was wearing I don`t know- except he obviously was feeling the Christmas spirit-but luckily there were no complaints, especially from the girls!

 So ,after her unexpected 4 hour shift, while host  Keira (left) stopped for a  well earned cigarette (not very angelic boys and girls!), Mayhems "Demons and Angels" set got going.

DJ Elle (below) -looking positively demonic- was in charge of the tunes and the atmosphere was electric.

 Some did even sure which of the two to come as and had come as both (right) , but then again that`s probably more realistic -haven`t we all got both sides in us somewhere? Some have huge demons-see below.

Club 2012 - the place to come for fun with friends. Events start at 11am (SLT) on Saturday.

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