Purple Park People and Gorgeous Green Guests

The Coach and Horses` "Best in Purple" event was packed - it seemed mostly with women!

And, of course, the odd purple cat - as you find in most clubs!

"I never meant to cause you any sorrow
 I never meant to cause you any pain
 I only wanted to one time see you laughing
 In the purple rain."
 (Written and sung by Prince)

Our old favourite Gary was DJ and Keira (top,middle) was the bubbly host.

Then- sticking with the colour themes it was time for Club 2012`s "Best in Green" set.

Host Opera ( above) went with the camouflage look- though I don`t think you could have missed her with that big white tail! DJ Hellrazor was on the decks and something fishy was definitely going on (below,left)! 

Some had even decided that it was best to view things from another perspective - maybe there had been too much Christmas sherry involved. Some one needed to tell this guy to keep his feet firmly on the ground!

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