Saturday`s Slumber Party in Hyde Park

Saturday`s Coach and Horses set at Club 2012 was "Best in Pyjamas" and we had ourselves one giant Slumber party! The DJ was the ever popular Gary (below,left) and the" hostess with the mostess" was Jas (below,rght). 

For once the guys were joining in with the dressing up- and we allowed men in boxers into the competition - as they quite oftern wear those to bed. Besides which, we girls wanted some eye candy to look at while we danced. Some guys went the whole hog, though, and put on their PJs.

The  London Sims are fun for all the family.And Club 2012 is open 7 days a week,so no excuses allowed - Come and show us your best dance moves and have a laugh with the friendly and welcoming staff and guests.

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