Super Heroes and Cowboys in Wonderland?

Thursday`s partying in Hyde Park started with the Coach and Horses "Best in  Super Heroes" event. There were a lot of super powers flying around,which seemed to keep all the villains away and us all safe. DJ Madhatter was on the tunes and the whole thing was a very popular event.
Who knew so many people wanted to be their invincible fictional idols so much?

 Then, sticking with the fictional theme, it was onto Club 2012 s " Alice in Wonderland" set. A lot of people had to rush off for a quick change but, again, it was very popular with you all. You did have to wonder why DJ Madhatter didn`t stay, as the event seemed to have been made for him, but he had to go.

Host Opera boosts the crowds mood 

                           And the rabbits seemed to be breeding like .. well like rabbits!

As I left at just after 3pm (Second life Time) people were starting to arrive for Valentines` "Best in Cowboys and Indians" set and I think you`ll agree that London Team member Keira looked very fetching in her outfit!

                            Club 2012 - the seven day a week party venue in the London Sims!

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