The Coach and Horses and Club 2012 party right through Christmas

While other venues around Second life shut their doors for the Christmas period we at the Coach and Horses and Club 2012 just kept on partying!

On Christmas Eve we had 2 Massive events.DJ Hellrazor(top.left) spun tunes for 2012 and..

Then on Christmas Day the Coach and Horses took over the show and had firstly a "Down and Dirty" event with DJ Elle (right) and host Essex and then decided to go with another unscheduled "Best in Xmas" event afterwards with DJ Pyp  (below) and host Jas. At one point in the evening we had 75 of you lovely avatars partying with us .You`d all obviously had enough of Turkey and relatives by then,or maybe you just couldn`t stay away! 


Somebody made the mistake of playing the Mr Blobby song, which had London Team member Wiccy riffling through his inventory and getting his pink and flabby things out.(Ooh er matron - sounds a bit rude!)

Then,on Boxing day (as we Brits like to call it - St Stephen`s day if in Ireland or just the day after Christmas day for you Americans) we had a "Come as you are" event with the Coach and Horses and DJ Pyp...

....followed by Club 2012`s staff,including DJ PenDK (bottom), with "Best in Blue". Club 2012`s Manager Debi (above,left) observed the end of the Christmas costumes and the return to more normal themes. But don`t worry we still have huge New Year`s Eve parties planned and, of course, that BIG surprise of what happens to the London entertainment scene in 2013.


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