Blue Thursday at the Coach and Horses

"Best in Blue" at the Coach and Horses had Gary (above, left) as DJ and Manager Jas (top,right) as host. It was was a winner takes all contest and a lucky avatar went home with 250L!

Tonight`s theme at the Coach is "Best in things beginning with S", so basically as long as you are wearing something starting with S you are on the board - stockings,socks, scarves,swim suits,skirts,sarongs or sweaters. Or pick an S colour - scarlet , salmon, sage or saffron.There`s plenty of scope to use your imagination and come up with something I haven`t thought of. Events will be "Winner takes all" for this week, but after that things are returning to the usual split-pot contest where every vote will win you some Lindens.Today`s event starts at 11am (Second Life Time) and has DJ Pyp  on the decks and Axan hosting.

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