Carnival at the Coach and Tokyo York Treats

There was plenty of feathery fun at the Coach and Horses Carnival night!

 Unfortunately, DJ Morph Knowles ran into internet difficulties half way through and so we had to continue partying to the radio. But the carnival spirit kept everyone`s mood up and we kept the event running. Manager Jas (left) was the host who kept up the surreal chatter regardless of difficulties!

Could someone please explain what the guy above intended to do with his devices- on second thoughts maybe I don`t want to know!

We continued the party just down the Mayfair road at Tokyo York with DJ Infinite (above,
 left),Manager Debi (above,right) and Host Operative (below,right).

Well, they did said "Come as you Are" but Coach manager Jas  was feeling seriously overdressed!

 Come and support entertainment in Mayfair in the London Sims. You can have a dance to great music (of all genres) and meet fun and friendly people.Besides,if you don`t we`re coming round your house to getcha!

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