Coach and Horses Events- Alternative Brown Coats?

On Tuesday at the Coach and Horses our theme was "Best in Brown" and DJ Gary (above,left-on the right) kept us all dancing, as Host Keira kept up the chat. Even small pinkish-brown teddies  made it onto the board!

Then on Wednesday it was "Best in Alternative Clothes" and we had all sorts of variations on that theme!

    Pyp was the DJ and Manager Jas hosted.

               Perching on the fireplace has become a popular thing - I guess at least its warm up there!

 Then, on Friday we were dressed up warmly for the "Best in Coats" theme, which seemed quite suitable given the current British weather. DJ Pyp (above,left) was on the decks and  Manager Jas (above, right) hosted. Some people didn`t come as warmly dressed though. We managed to convince  guest Wolfe (below) to put a shirt on eventually before he caught his death of a cold, besides that blindfold was just impractical in a pub. Then again, maybe we should have left him as he was -I`m sure there`d have been a few girls around who would`ve  volunteered to warm him up !

Come to the Coach and Horses in Mayfair for that authentic "British Boozer" feel with additional eye candy!

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