Cops and Crims in the London Sims

In the Coach and Horses on Saturday night we had a party to celebrate all things crime - related.  The theme was "Cops and Robbers" and there were certainly some criminal types lurking in the shadows! DJ Gary (top) looked like one tough cop you wouldn`t be messing with ,though, and host Axan (right) had his cuffs at the ready in case any  trouble broke out.
Some people (above) were content to hop up on the mantlepiece
and watch the goings-on from afar.

Mind you, maybe it was best to keep your distance from Ronnie and Reggie who had arrived by then.Manager Jas seemed to be getting on with the twins like a house on fire,though. Perhaps they were the ones who had broken her out of jail. Maybe someone should have told her to watch her step - these boys were infamous in these parts of London! 
(Is reminded of the Monty Python sketch the Piranha Brothers-

 Partying at the Coach is always great for a laugh- with Trivia and great tunes too there`s no better choice!

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