DJ s and Hosts in the London Sims

Just thought I`d give you a quick run through of the DJs and Hosts we have working in our sims:

DJ s  (In alphabetical order)                                                           Hosts ( Also in alphabetical order)

DJ Elle (above) has been mostly working in Club 2012 and Host Axan(above) usually works in the Coach.

DJ Essex (below) does a day in the Coach every week and fills in wherever necessary and Host Annie (below) has mostly been doing shifts in Valentine`s.

DJ Gary (above) does regulars shifts at the Coach as well as being Manager and DJ at Mayhem.
                                             Host Keira (above ) does shifts for the Coach and Horses and Mayhem.

DJ Incognito(above) is famous for his Trance music                    Manager of Tokyo York Debi (above) also
in and out of Second Life.He`s based at Tokyo York.                             pulls her weight hosting there.

 DJ Infinite(above) mostly does sets at Tokyo York. Manager of the Coach  Jas (above)also hosts there too.          

DJ Mateo does a regular shift at Mayhem on Thursdays.
DJ True Brit (above,left) is based at Tokyo York and DJ Pyp (centre) does shifts for the Coach and Horses.
Host Jenny (above, right) is also Assistant Manager where she works at Mayhem club.

And, as for  DJ Arc and Host OperativePhoenix (both based at Tokyo York) I haven`t forgotten them. I just couldn`t find any pictures of them!

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