Monday Mayfair Entertainment - Spotty Pole-Dancing Cowboys?

On Monday in Mayfair the emphasis was on fun.The Coach and Horses event was "Best in Spots and Stripes" although some already seemed to be preparing for the cowboy event at Mayhem. DJ Eessex (left) was in charge of the music and the beautiful host was Keira. The new Coach trivia ball saw some action and random answers were flying around the place. At first there was no beating Keira,but then some Coach newcomers arrived and  Angel and Darren gave her some competition ,along with Darren scooping the "Winner takes all" 750L prize.Coach regulars from the past Alex and Tam (below) came back again to party with us.They seemed very cuddly in front of the fireplace and admitted that they were just coming up to the anniversary of their first kiss and still madly in love.

Maybe the Coach and Horses is the place to find your true love. It worked for Alex and Tam (above)!

Manager Jas (right) went even more dotty than usual!

                          Later, at Mayhem`s "Best in Cowboys and Indians" event trouper Keira (below,left) was hosting again and DJ Ranger (below, right) was literally bouncing with energy throughout the set!

 It was back to the pole-dancing again and while Elle made a sultry pole dancer the prize for oozing sex- appeal had to go with the guys and to regular Wolfe (below,right and bottom). Yee-Ha!Wolfe you`re hired!

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