New Years Eve Shenanigans and a New Dawn for London Entertainment

The New Year`s celebrations in London were spectacular. The Coach and Horses set started at 11am (Second Life Time) with DJ Essex and host Jas. At one point it was looking like we were ready to beat that hundred avatar record, but once 75 of you were packed in it seemed like a huge crowd and everybody was having fun building up to the New Year Countdown for us Europeans.

 New Year can be all about new life  and even the youngest of avatars (above, right) were joining in the celebrations!

Club 2012`s "Best in Formal" event  had some of the guys scrubbing up well (above,left), but you did have to wonder whether the girl above would have got into a formal do in real life dressed like that!

DJ PenDK (above,right) was on the decks and 2012 Manager Debi was on hosting duties and looked stunning in her frock.

Ok - now its time for the low- down on what I know about the big London entertainment changes.From the 2nd January all the pubs and clubs will be back in their own venues and  Club 2012 itself will remain in the park for now,
 but will be having a new name and a new location in the next few weeks.

Coach Manager Jas (left) is very excited about the changes and she is placing the emphasis firmly on the Coach and Horses being a traditional London pub with a homely atmosphere where people can hang out with friends during the day and maybe play the odd game of Backgammon- she challenges you all to beat her. There will still be the same DJs you have enjoyed in the park and an event every night with Lindens to be won, great company and lots of laughs- especially when we bring trivia night back in a few weeks and everyone comes up with the strangest of answers!

 And Mayhem Manager Gary (left) has lots of plans for the future. Mayhem will continue to run great events from 3pm - 5pm (SLT) and will be a combination of  it`s traditional rock music and more modern dance tunes.

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