Sonix and Latex in London

 The culmination of the London Open Air Music Festival in Hyde Park was the set from live Scottish band Sonix. The place was heaving with people who battled against the lag to hear some great tunes.The hours seemed to fly by and the event was over far too soon,but then so was the whole festival!
 The talented singers and bands were much appreciated this weekend- there was such a buzz in London!

 Unwilling to give up on the partying too early we all headed off to Mayhem`s "Best in Latex" event at 3pm (Second Life Time - 11pm Brit time) where the place was smouldering with couple sexiness. Manager Gary and Host Jenny don`t seem to be able to take their eyes off eachother!

 DJ Ranger and his lovely wife were giving them a run for their money too in the sultry looks department,too.

                                  As for this couple I think the phrase "get a room" sprang to mind!

 DJ Infinite and Manager of 2012 Debi (above) came to party with us later in the evening- after the park clear-up.
And, some rest of the London Team (Jas, Keira and Jenny) decided to practise the lessons we`d had from Brook the other day and show everyone how pole dancing should be done!

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