Tuesday in the London Sims- Punky Green Wolves?

The Coach and Horses "Best Hair"contest brought some very interesting styles out. Host Jas(above,left) was sporting a  Mohican  and DJ Gary seemed to have grown his hair overnight and looked like he might be practising the Dark Arts!

Most original hairstyle had to go to Mayhem host Jenny with her fridge toting locks!

 The friendly close-knit atmosphere in the Coach gives everyone a chance to have a laugh and a chat.

 DJ TrueBrit (below,left) was in charge in  Hyde Park at 1pm (Second Life Time) and the dance tunes were pumping. It has to be said that guest Wolfe (below,right) didn`t look quite as alluring as he had in Mayhem on the poles the night before- and where was he for the Best Hair event at the Coach? But as they say "variety is the spice of life "!

      Host OperativePhoenix (above) was very proud of her new tail and wanted to show it off to the crowd!

 DJ Tox Parx (below) was the man with the music at Mayhem at 3pm (SLT).The theme was "Best in Punk"
and host Jenny(bottom,right) was back on those poles again!

There were, again, some great hairstyles, but I was a little lost as to where the huge green wolf came into things! 

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