Beach party Take two for the Coach and Tokyo Trance

Friday night in Mayfair was one non-stop party.

Firstly, the Coach and Horses had decided that they liked Thursday`s Beach Party so much they were going to do it all over again on Friday.

      DJ Rosie was in charge of the tunes again and there seemed to be a lot of loved-up people in the house!

Then, immediately afterwards, it was time for the Tokyo York open-air party. It was probably the fact that we`ve all had enough of winter which made the outside parties and blue skies so popular. DJ Arc (centre,right) was treating us to Trance and Manager Debi (centre,left) was host.

Bad girls and guys, great music and an overall sense of humour and fun are what you will find if you come to the London Sims this weekend. If you`ve never been here before - where have you been? Come and give us a chance to entertain you and you can make some great friends along the way. From the Mayhem Rock Club to Tokyo`s Dance and Trance music to the Live music at the newly opened Greyhound or the eclectic music and fun at the Coach and Horses - for  the quintessentially British experience there`s no better place to go!

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