Knights in Shinning Armour and Damsels in Distress at the Coach and Horses

Once upon a time..

..... there were some muchly distressed damsels at Ye Olde Coach and Horses tavern in London Town.
The good ladies were in need of nubile young knights to save them from the reputed fierce dragon of Mayfair. Alas- all they had was an empty suit of armour next to their blazing fire, and the proprietor Jas(above, left)was at her wits end !(So whats new?) All of a sudden they heard the sound of hooves galloping along the cobblestones. Did they dare to hope?

        All at once the knights were upon them and ready to fight to the death for the fair maidens! Although, t`was said by some that at least one knight in tights (bottom,left- )looked more like he would be willing to don a gown and dance to the music of Mistress Rosie (below). Sorry - Martin !

A fine gathering was had by all, and there was no sign of the Mythical Dragon of Mayfair. Some even suggested  that he`d been conjured up by the imagination of those cunning damsels in order to lure the knights there !

                                                              THE END (or is it?)

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