London Mayhem Rock Club

London Mayhem Rock Club, a set on Flickr.
Gary Langdoff was at it again. His Trivia night featured the Karma Sutra and what we 'didn't' know about it. Curiously Gary seemed well versed in all aspects of it, so either he was a fast Googler or he knows his stuff ladies!

Everyone had a good time, with Gary's playlist mixed and personalised for his guests. Whatever was requested was played, from heavy rock to industrial. Gary's finger was on the trigger.. it only gets better from here!

Next event is on Friday 1st March at the Mayhem Rock Club from 3pm - 5pm SLT. That's 11pm to you and me in the UK. Trivia will be about another of Gary's favourite topics, so be sure to get yourself there with DJ Gary.

Here's the link to the Mayhem Club: Mayfair/89/25/22

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