The Beginnings of Valentines in Hyde and The Kama Sutra at Mayhem

Things in Hyde Park are starting to look decidedly pink and valentine-esque, with lots of themed fun including a tunnel of love, which was just being completed when I went to check it out. Check tomorrow`s blog for that one.

DJ Essex and his friend (above) seemed to be volunteering to try out the free kissing booth - surprise, surprise!
DJ Gary(left)
Now, admit it you weren`t reading this blog for the valentines stuff - you were curious about the "kama sutra at Mayhem" tag. 

Well, despite a definite frission in the air and some
interesting marks on the back of one of the guests (right), the only Kama Sura we were indulging in was the Trivia Ball type. Some of the answers were hilarious as people tried to solve the obscurest of questions, and although we were a small crowd the atmosphere was- as it always is at Mayhem- fun.

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