Valentine`s Evening in the London Sims

The sultry tones of  V K Lynne (left)..

..rang out over the Greyhound pub in an all too short live performance on Valentine`s  evening in London. She has promised to come back again soon and I for one will be waiting!

Both V K Lynne` Manager  and Greyhound Manager Spike

 Meanwhile,over at the Coach and Horses the re-opening night was in full swing.And didn`t some of the regulars(below) scrub up well in their Valentine`s Formal outfits!

New Manager Rosie was the DJ and the Host was Axan (below,left)
"Is your figure less than greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you a little smart?
But, don`t change a hair for me 
Not if you care for me 
Stay little Valentine stay!
Each day is Valentine`s day."
My Funny Valentine - Ella Fitzgerald and others 

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