Whitechapel- A Huge New Club In Hyde Park

That`ll teach me to have a night off from Second Life. I had missed Whitechapel`s opening night on Friday,but I am assured that plenty of pictures were taken and will be posted on the blog asap.

Whitechapel is the brain-child of Elle Dardanos - aka DJ Elle who we all know well from the London Sims, and  Jak Sigal. They will be joint managers of the venture. The club will be very much focusing on dance music, and Elle says "the plan is to have a fun Hyde again with lots of events and to bring the park back to where it was" - an exciting entertainment hot spot, and Jak talks about the club being "awesome". Events will all start at 12pm  (Second Life Time) and will currently be running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays-including double events at the weekends.
(below-  new Whitechapel host Dwin)                                                                                                 
When I popped in again last night people were just beginning to arrive for the Underwear event- nope sorry they don`t dress like this all the time girls! 

So, it`s all exciting news from the London Sims at the moment and a real feeling of a brand new start for the spring season here!

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