Club Mayhem Opens!

Good news! Club Mayhem opens tonight, Monday March 25h
Time:  6pm - 8pm SLT.- 1am-3am Universal (GMT) 26th March
New location - Hyde Park

Club Mayhem is managed by Karawolferx Resident (Kara Blackstaff). She is a music lover that enjoys sharing the love of music with others. Enjoys the fun thing in life, while at the same time cares about the people around her more then most anything.

The DJ for the night is DJ Erelin, who is a rock n roller who loves music

Host will be Pandalilly69 Resident (Lilly) who is fun loving, enjoys conversation, likes to see people have a good time

So come on down, enjoy the music and have some fun!

                                                                       Here's your ride

                                                                  London Mayhem Club

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