Happy Easter from the London Sims- tea and biscuits with your eggs?

 Everything in our sims seems to have gone big. From the giant easter eggs to the tea cups you can bathe in -  the Welcome Hub in Hyde Park is a place for your avatar to indulge in excesses. Everyone from the London Team wishes you all a very self- indulgent Easter Sunday- including treating yourself to a day of Second Life relaxation!

 Anyway, there was big entertainment last night at the club with DJ Pyp (above,left) on the tunes and Kittsy (above,right) hosting.

 As of tonight the Warehouse is open on Sundays too. With the giant food around,though, I`m wondering what size the dogs are  they are warning about in their sign.
 Events there start at 8pm (British Summertime) which is 12pm (Second Life Time).

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