Mr Mikey Plays the Greyhound!


Mr Mikey is now well on his way in his Second Life musical journey. He knows his way around a good lyric or two. He has sung on Internet chat rooms for many years prior to Second Life.

In his real life he is a producer of quality tracks as well as being a recording engineer. Several of the tracks you hear are produced and backed by Mr Mikey which includes Guitar, Keyboards and percussion.

Live singing is something he has experienced in many ways, from karaoke nights to live gigs, including guitar work (yes he dabbles with lead guitar also) and his favourite thing which is free and easy jamming nights at local bars. Over 2 Decades this vocalist has recorded over 200 songs that have been heard on CD and Internet worldwide.

He sang and played at The Greyhound at:

Once again The Greyhound was lucky to be host to Mr Mikey.. the awesome UK singing and guitar artist.

He sang timeless songs, like the classic 'I just called to say I love you' by Stevie Wonder and managed to put his own signature on this song as well as all the others he sang tonight. Not a mimic like some artists, Mikey has his own original twist to all the songs he sings and somehow as if through magic, he manges to improve them.

Mikey also sang George Jones' Country hits and Elvis specials, many of which are not the ones you would normally recognise, but those from Elvis' younger era. Classic Elvis 'Rockabilly' hits and classic country sounds. He sang another classic, 'White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation'. Such a dreamy classic song from the early 60's which he twisted into a fun song where you could hear him smiling just from his upbeat voice.

Mikey played and sang more classics like 'Return to Sender' with a flourish of his own and  a twinkle in his smile. Other classics included 'Boot Scoot n' Boogie', and 'This Old House' in a lively upbeat happy 'clap' beat.

He followed 'Pink Carnation' with a Bobby Vee song, 'Love you more than I can Say' making it a  moving experience to hear a voice which so closely resembles the original Bobby Vee sound.

Mikey also sang a very romantic 'oldies-style' song written by his very best friend Tony, the song is called 'I never knew'. To appreciate it, you have to listen to Mikey sing it yourself. It was a very moving experience for me.

He also sang 'Older Women' and said they are 'beautiful lovers' because they 'know how to please a man'.. I wonder if that's true?

After that song he sang some more Elvis and gave a haunting rendition of 'Because of Love', also sang by Elvis & Billy Fury. His vocals and voice range suit this era of Country Classics.

He sang a dedication song from Frisky to Tasha, an old BeeGees song, covered also by Boyzone, called 'Words'. 'words are all I have...', but words can't say enough.  That's the case with this description of Mikey's singing tonight. No words will be enough to describe the excellence of his performance here at the Greyhound. We look forward to having him back here as soon as possible.

Finishing off with a Ray Charles song that Elvis made into a worldwide hit 'I Can't Stop Loving You', was a brave song for anyone to sing, but Mickey nails it and takes centre stage for his penultimate finale.

The last song of the night was a classic British rouser, 'I'll get by with a little help from my friends', was written by the Beatles, and covered by Joe Cocker and 'Wet Wet Wet'. Although he lacks the Liverpudlian accent, what he lacks in accent he makes up for in talent, energy and heart.

Make sure you get to hear this epic songster next time he sings.

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