The Warehouse Opens its Doors

Pyp Mifflin proudly introduces London's latest club - The Warehouse

20120301 Warehouse Opening_022
Pyp Mifflin manager of 'The Warehouse'
It is a delight to see Pyp back at the helm of the new club, or should we say at the 'forklift', because the venue is called 'The Warehouse'. I see no hard hats here though, just lots of people dressed in formal attire.

'The Warehouse' is a great name for a club which will have many different genres of music. Like in a true warehouse, you open the crate and  never quite know what you are going to find inside. It could be the Blues, it could be Dance, Rock or Hip Hop. You just have to prise open the lid to see what's in there. The One thing you can be sure of is a great night. 

20120301 Warehouse Opening_031
The Warehouse sign nailed to the wall
The Warehouse is located on the old site of Retrograde, a child of the original Underground Club in London, which is the parent of many clubs that have been created all over Second Life. The Warehouse has changed its name as well as it's look as the brian child of Pyp Mifflin. She chose to open the club on 1st March, a date I am sure Jas will approve of as it's St David's Day. St David being the patron of Wales, vegetarians and poets. A lovely coincidence (or was it?) to have a romance night full of poetic song for this club opening.

On the opening night, the friendly team there made everyone feel welcome and DJ NETBLAM calmed you with his soft voice and his sensual tunes. Most of the guests and VIPs were dressed in formal wear and some of the avatars were stunning. One furry couple excelled and were dressed to wow. She looked lovely in her taffeta dress and his formal and traditional attire complimented his fur well.

20120301 Warehouse Opening_053

DJ NETBLAM played a lovely selection of romance across the ages, from traditional blues to George Michael. The romance was oozing from speakers and headphones around the world.
20120301 Warehouse Opening_030

Your host for the night was Isobel, ever gracious and ever attentive, she made sure the guests wanted for nothing. In her own personal style, she made you feel welcomed and immediately part of the family.
20120301 Warehouse Opening_011
Isobel to the right hosting the event
The stunning Pyp oversaw the event and ensured that everyone was having a good time.
20120301 Warehouse Opening Pyp
Pyp Mifflin, in charge of The Warehouse
The way that this team dedicate themselves to your enjoyment shows how successful this club will be. From a first date, and for this first day, the place was packed.

20120301 Warehouse Opening_019

Pyp and her team are second to none. If you want to join the team or find out about events at The Warehouse, contact Pyp Mifflin in Second Life.

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