Tokyo York going Wonderland!

Wonderland @ Tokyo York inSL

It looks like Tokyo York inSL has gone Wonderland. All around the club are springing up mushrooms, Freaky Flowers that follow you, and neon coloured grass!

Everyone loved Alice in Wonderland as children, teens and possibly even adults, whether it was the books or the countless films (some worse than others), they were all mostly just brilliant.


Tim Burtons new imagination of this has recently made me remember how much I loved this as a child, and has opened up Alice in Wonderland to a whole new generation. 
We saw the journey of Alice stumble upon a new land and meet new friends and new foes. Alice in Wonderland makes all of us feel like children again as we see her adventure unwind before our very eyes.
Now you can try it out for yourself and experience the magic of being in Wonderland  with all the creepy and freaky characters there. As Tokyo York has embraced the spirit of Alice and the insanity of Wonderland I feel it's only fair to give you a little bit of information about Alice and Wonderland.

The old classic tale from Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is getting more and more popular these days. The story is still appealing to children and adults alike even though it was first written in 1864. Alice in Wonderland is not just any ordinary child fiction. This classic story is full of philosophy and truisms. The absurdity of the plot is enthralling and this is why it has such a great fan base all over the world.

Young children love it because of curious characters and the feeling of adventure. But teenagers and young adults are looking for the darker side of Alice. They find alternative and deeper meanings in this story, which make young adults even more curious about the eccentric Wonderland.
Alice in Wonderland has thousands of fans who gather in discussion forums and blogs to ponder upon the storyline and the odd characters. Many are making their own films and plays adding their own interpretations along the way. 

The story has found its way into the hearts of countless people and it has triggered their interest to research the life of its writer Lewis Carroll as well as his other publications and writings. 
Many people have put their devotion into collecting Alice merchandise and paraphernalia. Alice has inspired a restaurant d├ęcor in Tokyo and a tourist attraction centre in the UK. 

Tim Burton's Wonderland

Certainly the film of Alice in Wonderland, a Disney production directed by Tim Burton, is adding its buzz to the popularity of the story. Truly there must be something extra special in the story because it attracts many Hollywood stars including Johnny Depp to the extent that they jumped to the opportunity of being part of the film cast.

The hype around Alice seems to be ever increasing and diversifying. Soon there will be no child in the western world that hasn’t had a chance to enjoy Alice in Wonderland in one form or another.
The conversations between the incredible characters, which include people, animals and playing cards, are eccentric and funny.  Some of their phrases have become extremely famous, some of them are considered absurd and some are clearly making fun of the Victorian era.

Some Quotes from Wonderland 

Some of the most famous Quotes from the Book and films are from the bizarre characters that talk.

The Queen of Hearts gets furious and screams to Alice:
"Off with her head!" -Queen of Hearts

Alice follows the White Rabbit into the rabbit hole and finds herself in a long corridor. She sees the White Rabbit hurrying down the passage. Alice sprints after him just in time to hear the White Rabbit say:
"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" -White Rabbit

Alice is at the March Hare's house with the Mad Hatter and Dormouse having a tea party. The Mad Hatter tells Alice she needs a haircut. Of course Alice declares that to be rude, but the Mad Hatter answers her with a riddle:
"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" -The Mad Hatter

The grinning Cheshire Cat is giving directions to Alice and tells what sort of people live in each direction in the woods. Then he discloses as a matter of fact that:
"We're all mad here." -Cheshire Cat

Alice eats a cake and expects something peculiar to happen to her. And finally her neck grows and grows so much that in the end she does not even see her own feet. Alice is so surprised that for a moment she forgets to speak good English and cries out:
"Curiouser and curiouser." -Alice

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