London inSL 2013Apr04 Gina Gracemount @ The Greyhound

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Via Flickr:
London inSL was delighted to welcome Gina Gracemount back to the Greyhound, where she sang her eclectic mix of sultry sounds and cheeky ballads. We all waited to 'TWEET' when the time came to join in and danced along to her sexy voice. As usual, the room as full of Gina admirers, including the real life instigator of the 'Greyhound Project', Kwame Oh. In his other first life incarnation, he was the landlord of the real Greyhound Pub and kicked off the whole 'meet up' in London scene for people with virtual avatars who wanted to connect in the real world. Amongst the many people who attended these real world meetings were Saffia Widdershins (of Prim Perfect magazine) and Ham Rambler (of the Dublin sims). Kwame Oh (better known in the real world as Julius Sowu) is a director of Virtually Linked Limited, the company that founded and run London in Second Life. Julius is also the landlord at the Goat Tavern just round the corner of The Greyhound, in Kensington High Street. So if you find yourself in that area, drop by and say 'Hi' to Julius (but don't look for your gesture to do it - this IS real life!).

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