London inSL at The WareHouse with DJ Pyp Mifflin and the 80's


The Warehouse '80's night' on Saturday brought out all Pypkins' 'oldies'. She brushed them off and blew away the dust to find hidden musical treasures to play to the ever adoring crowd.

Luckily the dress code was 'come as you are', so no shoulder pads, leg warmers, huge earings, track suits or pirate shirts. The VIPs dressed in 2010's style, a far more sober affair. Which was just as well because there was a competition for $500 to be won!

A great evening with a fabulous selection of classic 80s sounds, like Duran Duran and Michael Jackson.

80's Music Scene

In the 80's, Michael Jackson was reborn as a star and Madonna was shocking the world with her outrageous bravado and pink dyed hair. Whitney Houston was seducing the world and was called "one of the most exciting new voices in years" by Rolling Stone magazine.

In the rock scene, Hard rock music made a come back with glam metal breaking out. Groups like Queen, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, and Whitesnake were part of this era. Guns N' Roses broke onto the scene and made big vibes. Aerosmith and Alice Cooper makdea come-back and Supergroup Van Halen always had something to say.

Heavy metal and Ozzy Osbourne were part of the 80's too. With Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Dio making waves. Many more artists were part of the 80's which was also seen as a time of plenty where people though these times would never end.

80's Fashion

The glamorous 'Lady Di' or 'Princess Diana' was the icon of the 80's for music, fashion and compassion.

In fashion, she was initially assisted by the team at Vogue to pursue a 'royal' look, yet the Princess found her own style and gained confidence in her chosen look as the 80's progressed. She favoured designers such as Versace, Christian Lacroix, Ungaro and Chanel and attended the funeral of her friend Gianni Versace with Elton John. Who woudl not have realised that he would soon also be attending and playing at the funeral of his read friend Diana just 47 days later !

Diana embraced the Dallas look of big hair, huge shoulder pads, sharp edges and glitzy earrings. The 80's were summed up in one person - Princess Diana.

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