Renaming of 2012 Club

The Park is once again active and Club 2012 is up and running again.

However we need a name to re-brand the club. Obviously 2012 can't be used, so we're inviting you to enter our competition to give the club a new name. Entries need posting into the postbox at the Club location here:

A bit more about the club; it hosts a range of music from many eras but mainly plays music you will hear in your clubs locally. A good mix of pop, dance, house & trance - with a bit of everything else just thrown in for fun!

Here's an idea of what the club looks like now.

Of course Cazza and Candi were the DJs of choice to christen the new club.

Cazza is one of our native British Babes in London. She was joined by our lovely Sexy Adopted British  Babe, Candi.

In the past I've asked girls and guys their thoughts on British Babes. Here are some things that the London 'British babes' have said about themselves. "British babes are so great because we are sassy, challenging, don't take bs lightly and are always up for a laugh. Not to mention our amazing giggles on voice." (anon). Cazza33 Resident says 'british babes know how to chill in Hyde'. AngelofSalvation Resident reckons that 'British babes know how to have fun' and angelinealive Resident knows that 'the coolest girls are in the coolest sim'. The adorable Brook Button just giggles and adds *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'* "girl power". Guy power in London is represented by Holden Bluebird who said that 'British Babes know what they want ;) lol'

After seeing all our lovely British babes, now watch the video we took when we christened the anonymous new club.

Watch live streaming video from londoninsl at

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