Sexy Brits Rule the Waves!

Forgive the title, but the sound waves of London were rules by Sexy Brits last night.

Jasminerach - London's PR Director
The night was filled with the 'wonders of you' by Helvis and Swinging Seventies sound sensation DJ Jayden.

Smooth singer - Helvis
DJ Jayden

The club maxed out at capacity with only seating room left, even if it was on a motorbike!
The Lovely Jules in her psychedelic outfit

Jules the manager set us all an example of the 70s' with it's Flower Power and far out peace trippy love, fuelled by Cannabis and LSD by getting naked to protest in the name of peace and free love to the strains of Whitney singing "'your love is my love, and my love is your love"! 
(see video below at 30 minutes for her Streak)

londoninsl on Broadcast Live Free

Remember the heat waves winter of discontent, chopper bikes, fuel rationing queues and power cuts. This was nothing like that - it was all the romance of the era with musical and fashion excellence of a bygone time? This was anything but that!

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