The Warehouse with DJ Candi

Hottest sounds in SL

DJ Candi was playing the best around sounds of the season at The Warehouse with Manager Pyp watching on and making sure everyone had a good time.

She was assisted by Host Kittsy who was having a fun time encouraging us all to dance and get involved in the action.

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20130420 Candi_09720130420 Candi_09620130420 Candi_09520130420 Candi_09420130420 Candi_09320130420 Candi_092
The Warehouse with DJ Candi, a set on Flickr.

A large crowd was drawn to the sounds of Candi, who played great sounds like 'Don't you worry Child' by Swedish House Mafia and 'Diamonds' by Rhianna..

A great mix, vibrant, sexy and loud leaving us begging for more even after the two hours of her playlist. Candi is one of the hottest DJs in SL because she interacts with the people here and makes sure you know you are noticed and not just part of the crowd. Thank you Candi, Kittsy and Pyp for a great evening.

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