Oh La La.. who forgot to dress @ The Warehouse?

Most women love to look sexy, hot and adorable. In fact, designers these days indeed offers some of the most selected collection of ladies underwear, sexy lingerie and other traditional undergarments to choose from.

At the Warehouse, the girls got to show off their hottest designer brands!

For the guy, so, tonight's the night. You want to have a Romantic evening with your Lady. What's this, hesitation? O.K. your nervous, what if you can't pull this off?

... Why not strip down to your undies? Surely your latest Y-fronts will entice her to look deeper or your hot jockey's appeal to her inner goddess?

Or maybe not? Take a look at our hot studs in action strutting their stuff in as little as is legally possible..

No, stop laughing.. it's real. Come to the Warehouse for a laugh with the best of them - only requirement is that you join in too.

Oddly enough DJ Manchester was spotted 'Fully Clothed'!!!.. Outrage!! OFF OFF OFF we cry!!

See you there today for more action: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knightsbridge/15/202/22

Here's the event schedule so you don't miss anything:

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