Read about Red

Red, red, red.. that was the warehouse at the Best In Red Event. 

But get your RED togs on - because here are some facts you ought to know about the colour Red: 

Red always gets attention!!

Scientists claim that red provokes clearly identifiable reactions in human beings and 'seeing red' can actually make your heart beat faster. Red is the colour of blood, passion, & courage. The red stripes on the United States Flag stand for courage.
In a study, it was shown that men in red are "more attractive, more powerful and more sexually desirable to women" but men also find women in red more attractive because the colour suggests "sexual receptivity."

The colour red is strongly associated with power and passion as well as danger and risk. It is a fierce and emotionally intense colour. Fashion experts recommend at least some red when dressing for a job interview or any other important meeting, because red symbolizes power, decisiveness and leadership. 
Red symbolizes speed, sexuality, and style. Fast cars are red, beautiful women wear red clothes, red lipstick and red shoes. Red is also the colour of seduction, romance and love. Flowers with passion must always be red. In all cases, when red is worn, it will always attract attention.

Red can give conflicting messages. Red, being the colour of blood, can also mean danger and a warning to stop, as when used on street lights, signs and fire extinguishers. 

Red is the colour of winners, success and triumph. Chinese Brides wear red, Tiger Woods wears red, and a 2005 study by British scientists found that athletes wearing red "have an advantage over blue-suited competitors,".

So the message here is clear - WEAR RED!

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