Best in Chains & Buckles

Today we had a Best in Chains & Buckles @ The Warehouse.

As always it was another great evening. Many turned up in their Chains & Buckles.

Unfortunately there was a not a clear winner in the contest tonight but with L$500 (split) as the prize pretty much everyone had a share so it turned out good all round.

With Wolfeman Starting the party and Sharon drunk in the corner we knew it was going to be a good one.


Our host Kittsy was Swinging her chains


Here are the photos from this evening:

Tomorrows event at the warehouse is as follows:

Event:  Best in Big Hair
Music: EBM/Industrial
The DJ:  DJ Manchester
The Host:  Jason Keegan <--- Its me!
Time: 1pm- 3pm SLT

I hope to see you all there and dont forget to wear your big Hair :D

- Jason Keegan

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