Best In Cross Dressin @ The Warehouse

Hi all,

I Figured I would start by saying hello to you all as I am new to blogging here,

If I have not met you yet you can always stop by at Hyde park where I am usually hanging out. Come and say Hello.

So earlier today Pyp Miffin done a Warehouse group notice giving warning for tonight's event 'Best in Cross Dressing'.

She put L$1000(s) on the Contest board and invited everyone along for the fun.

With DJ Pyp spinning her EBM tunes and the wonderful Kittsy Latte as host for the evening there could be only one place to hang out tonight.

Tonight's winner was Destiny


With Women dressed as Men

And Men dressed as Women


The night was great fun.

Even Sharon made an attempt for a conversation. But she soon fell back to sleep in her normal drunken state.


Here you can look through the gallery of the evening. See if you can spot which one was me :D

Be sure to swing by to The Warehouse tomorrow (Sunday 3rd June)
Where I will be your host for Come as you are Event and DJ Pyp will be playing Old Skool & 80's

So I hope to see you all there.

- Jason Keegan

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